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HOLA is grateful to each and every foundation donor that has so generously donated to HOLA in support of our mission.

Spotlight: Burberry Foundation

From its founding in 1856, Burberry has been synonymous with explorers – passionate adventurers who wore Burberry while pushing the boundaries of human experience, from polar expeditions to transatlantic flights. The Burberry Foundation captures this spirit and translates it for the modern era, recognizing that the challenges young people face today are no less daunting. Just as Burberry clothed and encouraged past adventurers, the Burberry Foundation supports the creative spirit and ambition of today’s youth by helping them navigate the uncertain terrain of their age, and the complex, fast-moving world in which we live.

Established in 2008, the Burberry Foundation focuses on inspiring young people and helping them realize their dreams and potential through the power of their creativity. Aligned with the brand and its core values, the Foundation leverages the full power of the company’s resources, including the skills and talents of its global workforce through targeted volunteering that enable it to make a marked impact in the communities where employees live and work. To date, the Foundation has inspired well over 50,000 young people on four continents via investments in 20 innovative youth charities couple with a bespoke creative training program for young people.

The Burberry Foundation has been a robust supporter of Heart of Los Angeles since 2009. In addition to providing financial support for HOLA’s Visual Arts, PAT high school and Alumni Programs, every year Burberry volunteers visit HOLA and offer invaluable insight, mentorship, energy and professionalism to our students. From art projects to mock interviews, we are so grateful for their commitment and dedication to HOLA and our students. Last year, HOLA honored the Burberry Foundation with the “Heart of LA Award” at the annual Holiday of the Heart gala. The award is presented to exemplary individuals and organizations in our community for their outstanding commitment to enriching the lives and futures of HOLA youth.

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HOLA is grateful to each of our donors for their support. All contributions, no matter the size, helps us fulfill our mission to provide quality academic, arts and athletics programs to the underserved and at-risk youth living in the Rampart District. We are proud to acknowledge the following donors who contributed to HOLA since the beginning of 2013:


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