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Each year, over 600 volunteers donate their time to HOLA and we are grateful to every one of our volunteers for their dedication and commitment to HOLA. A total of 1,083 hours were banked by volunteers from all around campus between August and December.

Without the help of our corps of volunteers, HOLA would not be able to do what we do. Our volunteers help us fulfill our mission to provide quality academic, arts and athletics programs to the underserved and at-risk youth living in the Rampart District. We are proud to acknowledge and thank the following volunteers for their time this fall:

Crystal Hernandez, Rebecca Segars, Caitlin Tafolia-Aguirre, Alicen Bosley, Lizzette Rodriguez, Jessica Lamas, Monique Baca, Kelli Kamida, Michael Ryan, Rachael Dela Cruz, Krystal Smith, Domenick Murray, Emilia Hernandez, Raylene Ibarra, Patrick Sweet, Gabriela Lozoya, Raegan Lawler, Esther Choi, Nava Weinstein, Lauren Wasynczyk, Robin Kremen, Sharon Chickanzeff, Lois Powers, Bernice Noriega, Margaret Towner, Jenny Ruiz, Jessica Flor, Jacquie Li, Nina Simone, Julia Parris, Kendall Mercer, Maritza Vasquez, Karen Harper, Stephanie Hansen, and volunteers from Farmers’ Insurance, Yahoo, Burberry, UTA, Marlborough School, LA Photo Party, and University of Southern California.

HOLA provides underserved youth with exceptional programs in academics, arts and athletics within a nurturing environment, empowering them to develop their potential, pursue their education and strengthen their communities.


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