2027  240x320 hilary duff Bing and DoSomething.org Kick Off the Bing Summer of Doing at HOLA! It’s been quite an exciting time behind the scenes at HOLA. 6 주 동안, HOLA staff worked tirelessly prepping for the big day and on June 1, BingDoSomething.org kicked off the Bing Summer of Doing right here at HOLA! The Bing Summer of Doing aims to inspire young people to come together and give back to their communities throughout the summer. The Bing Summer of Doing is in celebration of the new Bing, which combines the best of search with the best people from popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter, to help people spend less time searching and more time doing.

Bing and DoSomething.org worked alongside celebrities (포함하여 Hilary Duff, Cody Simpson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Keke Palmer, Teresa Palmer, Phoebe Tonkin, Cassie Scerbo, IM5 Band, Tinsel Korey, Ryan Ochoa, Tyler Ritter, Christopher MasseyHaley Pullos) and volunteers to beautify and renovate HOLA and the Lafayette Recreation Center. Projects included renovating our rec room, remodeling an outdoor space into a classroom and sustainable garden, painting murals and sprucing up a couple of bathrooms. At the end of a fantastic day, the completed projects were unveiled for the excited kids. Closing remarks were made by Aria Finger, (COO of DoSomething.org), Lisa Gurry (SR. Director of Bing), 토니 브라운 (HELLO의 전무 이사) 과 Regina Adams (Executive Officer, 레크리에이션 및 공원 부서). Australian teen pop star Cody Simpson treated the kids to a surprise performance and pizza party (thanks to 냠! 브랜드). Thank you to all the volunteers (including the incredible guys from Clune Construction), Bing and DoSomething.org for helping to renovate and refurbish HOLA and the Lafayette Recreation Center. A special thank you goes out to HOLA Board Member 데이비드 달튼 for his design expertise and 알렉스 Nataren, HOLA’s Operations Director, and his team who worked non-stop to get the projects ready for the big day. To view photos from the day, 여기를 클릭하십시오.

Coverage from the day can be viewed at:



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