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Photo of Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher National Accounts Dr. Pepper/Snapple

Michael Gallagher, member of the Marketing and PR Committee, is currently in National Accounts for Dr. Pepper/Snapple and before that for Guinness Beer, a brand of the multinational conglomerate Diagio. At Dr. Pepper/Snapple, Michael’s major accounts include A.M.P.M, Chevron and Circle K, among others. In addition to serving major accounts, Michael also recommends various community projects through Dr. Pepper/Snapple’s Corporate Responsibility program and he has generated funds for a variety of community-based programs benefiting youth and families. He was also instrumental in bringing together the Dept. of Recreation and Parks, USC, the LAPD and members of City Council for initial meetings that ultimately led to the rebuilding and addition of new facilities for L.A.’s M.L.K Park Project. Michael is a graduate of C.S.U.L.B.

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