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Program Mission: Preparing Achievers for Tomorrow (PAT) high school program prepares youth for post-secondary advancement by providing academic support, preparation for college, personal guidance and pathways to achieve their life goals.

Each year PAT provides over 170 9th-12th grade students with college preparation through academic support, individual mentoring, life-preparedness courses, recreational and enrichment activities, intensive college preparation classes, as well as quality instruction and resources. Beginning in their junior year, students participate in rigorous SAT and College Prep courses. In their senior year, the students then take part in the College Application Workshops series. The seniors are paired with mentors who help them navigate the college system, complete applications and financial aid forms, and give them the critical support they need to ensure successful college enrollment. In addition to the work that takes place at HOLA, every year HOLA staff takes high school students to visit dozens of colleges and universities throughout California and the country. This past year, 58 PAT seniors graduated from high school and nearly all 58 of those students are now going to college! Cumulatively, over the last three years, HOLA has maintained a 100% graduation rate and almost all of those students matriculated to college.

HOLA’s PAT program is funded in part by a five-year, $12 million initiative of the California Community Foundation (CCF). The CCF’s PAT program seeks to improve academic achievement, decision-making skills and self-esteem of youth in South Los Angeles through sports, music and recreation. PAT provides grants to nonprofits for direct services for young people and helps strengthen the ability of nonprofits to deliver services over the long-term. HOLA is honored to be one of seven organizations chosen to be the inaugural grantees of the initiative. PAT was made possible by a generous legacy gift from an anonymous donor whose life was devoted to helping others as a volunteer to nonprofits in Southern California, and who valued the opportunities that music and athletics can provide to young people. For more information on the PAT initiative, please visit the California Community Foundation’s website.

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HOLA is now partnering with Matthew and Camila McConaughey’s just keep livin foundation. Through this collaboration, HOLA’s 9th and 10th grade students are participating in twice weekly classes that focus on fitness and wellness, along with encouraging participation in service events. The lessons the students are learning through the j.k. livin curriculum — to break a sweat, eat healthy and say thank you — will undoubtedly have a positive impact on their lives and their communities. For more information on the just keep livin foundation, please visit their website.


Program Goals:

9th and 10th Grade Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Each academic year, PAT will enroll 25 9th and 10th grade students in the after school academic and enrichment programs;
  • By the end of each academic year, 75% of participants will increase their grades by half (.5) a grade point or maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

11th Grade Anticipated Outcomes:

  • By the end of each SAT Prep Class, 85% of participants will complete the course intensive;
  • By the end of each semester, 80% of participants will increase their practice SAT test score by an average of 100 points.

12th Grade Anticipated Outcomes:

  • By the end of each academic year, 85% of 12th grade participants will complete the PAT College Application Workshops;
  • By the end of the academic year, 90% of participants completing the PAT College Application Workshops program will graduate from high school;
  • Of those participants completing the PAT College Application Workshops, 90% will enroll in a post-secondary institution.

Click here for enrollment dates.

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Thank you to our friends at Southwest Airlines for making visits to colleges all over the country possible for our high school students.

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Photo of Sonia Salazar
Sonia Salazar High School PAT Director
Work Phone: (213) 389-1148, ext. 230
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Photo of Laura Greenlee
Laura Greenlee College Counselor
Work Phone: (213) 389-1148
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Photo of Cristina Vasquez
Cristina Vasquez PAT Coordinator
Home Phone: (213) 389-1148 x236
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Photo of Chris Cabrera
Chris Cabrera PAT Coordinator
Work Phone: 213-389-1148 x239
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New Year, New Collaborations at HOLA

With the winter quarter well under way, we’re pleased about the many fun and educational collaborations that have taken off at HOLA.  To celebrate all the love and support of our teachers, directors, staff, volunteers, students and families, we wanted to share with you what’s new in our cozy corner of the universe. Over in Athletics, some of our middle school girls have begun training to run a 5k with the help of nonprofit Girls on the Run. The program is designed to inspire girls to be joyful, […]

High School Photography Workshop Exhibits at LACMA

During winter break, 28 teens from 15 different schools learned the difference between making a photo and taking a photo, in the intensive and internationally known Fred Roberts Photography Workshop. Founder Fred Roberts, explained on the first day, “This is not a photography workshop. This is a practice in empowerment. The cameras are just the tools for self-expression.” With the support of Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Fred and a band of highly experienced photographers guided a course that didn’t just focus on the technical aspects of photography such as aperture settings and shutter speed. Over seven days, the students absorbed […]

College Road Trip Motivates High School Seniors

In recent years, HOLA has been building a college success program geared towards high school students who become the first in their family to attend college. We’ve built a mentoring program focused on college applications and essay writing, college-ready workshops, and a college tour road trip. This semester, sixteen PAT High School seniors hit the road for a four day trip, visiting nine college campuses in Northern California. The group (which included four staff members) bonded during hours of van time, miles of gorgeous scenery, and inspiring outings with HOLA alumni at their campuses. That our students were […]

Alumni Return, This Time As Leaders

In honor of HOLA Alum turned Bridges Middle School Director Silvia Velazquez being named one of JCPenney’s “Leaders of Tomorrow,” we would like to honor two other alumnae who are also full-time staff members here on campus. Sonia Salazar – Class of ’05 Back in 2005, the year PAT High School Director Sonia Salazar graduated from HOLA, there wasn’t an alumni program in place.  However, that didn’t keep Sonia away.  Upon graduating from University of California Santa Barbara in 2009 with a B.A., she was ready to give back to the […]

$5.8 Million Gift from The Audrey Irmas Foundation for Social Justice

  This is an historic moment for Heart of Los Angeles and the young adults connected through the College Success program. Not only has HOLA received the largest gift in its history, the gift itself made international history as well. When Sotheby’s sold the Cy Twombly’s Untitled (1968) at $70.5 million Wednesday evening at an auction, a $5.88 million college scholarship fund for HOLA alumni became effective from The Audrey Irmas Foundation for Social Justice (AIFSJ). It is estimated that over 200 HOLA students will benefit from the Irmas Scholarship […]

PAT Students Organize to Make a Difference

The LA Rakers was founded in the same way most social movements are formed: as an informal collective of young people determined to address social problems. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed individuals can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” HOLA senior, Emanuel Honorato, is one such individual — thoughtful, committed, and determined to change the world. Currently interning at City Council where he is working to address local homelessness, Emanuel attributes the conversations he’s had […]


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