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Collage  This has been a great summer at Heart of Los Angeles, we are grateful to a wonderful list of summer supporters listed below. You have made it possible for hundreds of kids growing up in the “heart” of the city to have access to S.T.E.M. and Visual Arts Camps, Music, Fitness, Athletics, Field Trips, Healthy Chefs, GFS LA Film and TV (Funded through GFS LA funders), just to list a few. Then there are the sleep-away camps too. (Thank you Leann Robinson and friends in particular for supporting our Camp Inspiration in Big Bear) The whole summer thus far has been spectacular. We’ve had amazing visitors, Agents and staff from United Talent Agency, Variety Magazine, NBA Lakers Legends, James Worthy and Robert Horry along with former NBA star, Caron Butler, NFL stars Marvin Jones, Andrew Hawkins and many more fantastic guests. All were here to inspire and rally around this next generation of amazing young people. Thank you!  Thank you to all of you who supported our efforts to make a Great Summer Happen for the kids. We appreciate and recognize the following of you for your love and support.

Adam Mekler
Andrea Stern
Anthony and Barbara Bettencourt
Anthony and Joyce Elia
Barbara Bundy
Bradley and Lelani Fauvre
Bryan and Jen Croft
Cathy Reid
Chris Tegley
Constance Keiter
Darren and Nicole Tangen
David and Melissa Unger
Debra Fischer and Sherwin Frey
Dianne P. Vanderlip
Eleda Cohen
Emiliano and Paola Calemzuk
Joe and Lisa Escamilla
Frederick Frey
Douglas and Jill Friedman
Gail Van Hoozier
Garrett and Marie Brown
Gary and Ann Pearson
Glen and Coleen Snyder
Jeff Danis and Mike Waddington
Jeffrey P. Mirvis
Jerry and Judith Stone
Jez Davidson
Joan B. Lively
Kiela Hine
Larry and Deborah Bridges
Linda Joyce Hodge
Lois Taylor
Lynn and Craig Jacobson
Marc and Cynthia Karlin
Matthew and Lindsey Karatz
Michael and Denise DeSantis
Michael Rasmussen
Michael Sohigian
Mitchel D. Moore
Ms. Carolyn R. Kiek
Olivia Farr
Robert and Ann Ronus
Robert and Dori Kenneally
Sandy L. Rolleri
Sharon and Philip Smith
Shirley Fox
Steve and Lee Miller
Steven and Marilyn Kram
Steven Cooper and Joyce Norman
Ted Meisel and Hope Wintner
Timothy and Nancy Wheeler
William and Anna Marie Finn


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