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We are fortunate to have a number of campus partners whose presence at HOLA is mutually beneficial.  The immersive 14- or 24-month teaching residency and graduate Bard MAT program is one of them, offering an interdisciplinary opportunity to enter a valuable profession and help transform public schooling. Each semester, the group of passionate teachers-in-training frequent HOLA’s campus, where they tutor and mentor HOLA youth — while earning a Master’s in Teaching (MAT) in Literature, History or Mathematics, a California teaching credential, or both. Designed for teachers at every level of experience, the program is perfect for anyone who wants to make a difference in students’ lives.


Stephen Mucher is BARD MAT LA’s director.

“Bard’s presence on a campus shared by a well-regarded community organization and our student teaching partnerships with public schools around McArthur Park set us apart,” says Bard MAT’s director, Stephen Mucher. “Our graduate students have a unique opportunity, not only to work alongside HOLA students, but also to learn in a reflective, caring community from HOLA staff and volunteers.”

Bard Mat

The program’s dedication to teaching students from all social backgrounds also makes Bard unique of MAT programs.  By focusing on teaching strategies grounded in open inquiry and thoughtful deliberation, Bard MAT graduates are prepared to extend the liberal arts into middle and high school curricula, promoting the importance of reading, writing, and critical thinking. Bard MAT believes students deserve teachers who are intellectually curious, expert in their subject matter, and fully prepared to address opportunities and challenges in under-resourced public schools.

Stephen adds, “We feel immensely fortunate to be partners with HOLA. And we believe this teamwork can forge the kind of college and community partnership needed to support the advance of the teaching profession in California and beyond.”

Any college senior or graduate interested in the program is encouraged to visit the Bard MAT website for more information.  Applications are now open for 2016. We’re so fortunate to partner with this amazing program — be sure to check them out.



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