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Omar Campos has been with HOLA for almost five years, as a student and now as a tutor and soccer coach.

As he works towards his Bachelor of Science in computer engineering, Omar continues to keep close ties to HOLA. Giving back to his community and teaching youth life skills has become an impacting part of Omar’s life since graduating HOLA in 2011.

Omar explains, “A lot of kids kids tend to give up if they don’t think they’re good enough. But I wasn’t good at first, and I didn’t give up. I hope to help encourage kids so they can learn that lesson that too — that persistence is important.”

When asked about Omar, HOLA’s Scholarship Coordinator Ashley Frohlich and College Success Director Kevin Franco smiled and admitted “He stops by our office every day before he tutors to ask how our days are going and always has a smile on his face plus a listening ear,” 

They were the two who suggested Omar volunteer as a coach for the Athletics Department. 

“He is very compassionate and always looking to help out,” Kevin said.

Motivated to give back to the community that supported him in high school and beyond, Omar admits it’s not just giving but also receiving on his end. “Whatever I give, I get back. They teach me so much, these kids.”

Soccer means much more to Omar than just a physically enjoyable sport. He explains, “You make many friends and connections, just like in life. Within the team, there’s sometimes a lot of competition, of fighting for a spot. But this is life, and this actually makes us more connected. Everyone is there for a purpose, and it’s character-building to be able to be competitive in a healthy way with people you are close with.”

Omar credits his junior year soccer coach and college coach for teaching him valuable lessons both on and off the field. In high school, Omar’s coach instilled strategy, theory and other efforts it takes to compete against the best. Then, in college, his coach addressed the importance of good fitness and discipline. All these lessons are now being passed down to HOLA youth, through Omar himself.

Grateful to his HOLA family as well, Omar reflects, “My experience at HOLA as a student has been magnificent because ever since I started attending their programs, I have met great people that helped me through high school and to university. Their love and care showed me that there are people beside my family that want me to succeed, and that is something I appreciated so much.”

Thank you, Omar, for your profound contributions to the youth you coach and the community that values you so much.

Favorite Movie: X-Men Days of Future Past, Little Giants

Favorite pastime: Playing & practicing soccer, alone time.

Fun fact: He’s a leftie!


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