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AlumsAs the school year winds down, we’re so thrilled to welcome home so many of our alumni. Many have been stopping by and it’s great to catch up. Melvin Sanchez (lower left) just completed his second year at the University of Richmond. That’s right, Richmond, Virginia. How did he end up there you might ask? Thanks to the encouragement of Barbara, his mentor, Melvin traveled to Virginia on a “fly in” program and hasn’t looked back since. He is majoring in Political Science and is thinking about going to law school. When he’s not busy studying, Melvin likes to hang out with his friends and dance with the other members of the Latino dance groups that he has joined on campus. Melvin’s back home for the summer and thanks to HOLA, he’ll be working as an usher at the Hollywood Bowl.

Hilary Chavez (lower right) is going to be a senior at Kenyon College! She too decided on Kenyon after visiting through a “fly in” program. She’s majoring in biology, with a focus on environmental studies. She’s had an incredible experience at Kenyon and even had the opportunity to spend a semester in Australia! Even though it gets rainy and cold in the winter, she loves being in Ohio and has joined the Outdoors Club.

Jocelyn Jerez (upper left) just finished her second year at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. She is majoring in Sociology and Anthropology and is hoping to teach or work with youth in some capacity when she graduates. While on campus, she is very involved in the Latino Student Union. Joceyln will be spending a lot of time with Melvin this summer, working together at the Hollywood Bowl.

Paola Sanchez (upper right) is going to be a senior at Smith College and is majoring in Economics, with a minor in East Asian Languages. She hopes to do some kind of international marketing when she graduates. While on campus, Paola is a member of Nos Otras, a Latina group on campus and she’s on the Board of the school radio station. She plays lots of Latin hits on her weekly show. If that’s not enough to keep her busy, for the past two hears, Paola has been mentoring freshman in the STEM Program, providing first generation students with extra academic support.

Welcome home, HOLA alums!


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