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MarisolMarisol Cuong is in her third year at UC Berkeley and boy is she keeping busy. As the Academic Retention Coordinator of the Raza Recruitment and Retention Center (part of Bridges Multicultural Center), she works alongside a cohort of eight other students, spearheading a variety of efforts for current and future Berkeley students of color. students on campus. Not only is she responsible for providing resources for students on campus, but last year she was responsible for planning Familia Orientation, an orientation for 400 prospective students and their families. By encouraging parents to see that there is a community on campus for their children to prosper in, the annual orientation aims to make the transition to college a little bit easier for the students and their families.

In addition to bringing families from the community onto the campus, Marisol and her peers also provide support for the students on campus. Once a week, Marisol makes class reservations to host the late night “Study Jams.” During “Dead Week,” the week before finals, the group coordinates with the other Recruitment and Retention Centers and provides a full day of comfort food for the busy students.

If that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Marisol is double majoring in Anthropology and Spanish and hopes to one day get her PhD in Spanish Literature. When she’s not studying or volunteering at the Center, she likes to cook and watch movies. This summer, Marisol will be going to Brazil to teach high school students English in order to grow as an educator.


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