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Laine Wagenseller first started volunteering at HOLA in 1991 while he was in law school at USC. Back then, the volunteers did a little bit of everything: playing sports, teaching theater, tutoring and oftentimes, just hanging out with the kids. The volunteers were all pretty young and as Laine said “whether we knew it or not, we were learning as much as we were teaching. I don’t think I realized it at the time, but we were also planting seeds.” The experience at HOLA was life changing for Laine and he remains connected to HOLA and many of the kids he met over the years.

One of Laine’s most vivid memories was starting an HOLA volleyball team. He had a great time teaching the kids the skills they needed to play the game, but the most important skills he felt he taught the group were teamwork and leadership. While the kids were learning to play together as a team, Laine was learning how to be an effective coach and leader. In their first season, they lost every game. But the kids stuck with it and the next year they won every game. Everyone learned a lot of lessons from that experience, lessons about discipline, commitment and working together.

When he wasn’t coaching the kids or wearing one of his many volunteer hats, Laine spent a lot of time getting to know the kids. He mentored several kids, but there’s one relationship that continues to thrive today. He first met Jorge when he was 12 years old and going through struggles that no young man should ever have to experience. Laine counseled Jorge through these difficult times and he continued to work with him throughout high school and proudly supported him as he went on to college and became an NCAA championship runner. Jorge now lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas and is a successful Finance Manager for Landers McClarty. Several years ago Laine and Jorge hiked and biked through southern China!

As Laine looks to the future, he hopes that HOLA “keeps planting more seeds so we can celebrate more harvests. HOLA is truly changing lives.” Today, Laine is the principal trial attorney at Wagenseller Law Firm. He recently held a “friendraiser” for HOLA, introducing HOLA to his friends and associates and raising money for our programs.


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    I wish I could be mentored by Laine.

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