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After facing many obstacles, HOLA alumna Donna Lopez is set to graduate from college in 2015. Donna will be graduating in four years after attending three different schools. Although she originally enrolled in an out-of-state small liberal arts college in Maryland, Donna left after one semester because it wasn’t the experience she thought it would be. While it was a short experience, it is one she is definitely grateful for.

Donna decided to move back home from Maryland and although she wanted to attend a larger state school, she found out she couldn’t transfer until she had 60 credits. She decided to attend LACC until she had enough credits to transfer. Despite hearing horror stories and getting much advice against community college, she thought it was the best choice for her and was determined to stick to her goals. “It was during my first day at LACC that I decided on my goal of graduating in four years. I made it out of LACC in a year and a half. I was and still am on track for my four year plan.” After LACC, Donna transferred to California State University, Sacramento, where she is now majoring in English. She also hopes to study abroad in Canada next year.

Donna is very involved in campus activities. She is currently serving as the Director of Financial Affairs for the Residential Hall Association (RHA) on campus. Because Cal State Sacramento is primarily a commuter college, RHA works to create a sense of community within the residential halls. Prior to the start of the semester, Donna was busy with staff training and working with the RA’s to plan a great semester for all of the students living on campus this year.

Although Donna is nervous about having such a big responsibility, she has a lot of great experience to draw on. Over the summer, she was a supervisor at a summer camp for Regis House Community Center, a job she found out about through an HOLA connection. As a supervisor, she was responsible for overseeing teenage camp counselors, along with helping the kids and counselors travel for activities using public transportation. Based on her experience working with the kids at camp, she is thinking about getting her Master’s Degree to become an elementary school teacher.


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