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For the past several months, Ruth, Gabrielle and Chauney have been interning at HOLA under the supervision of Nancy Dodge, HOLA’s┬áCounselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. All three are graduate students providing vital therapeutic support to several of our students. Ruth and Gabrielle are students at USC, working towards their Masters Degrees in Social Work. They have been coming to HOLA for 16 hours each week for the entire year. Chauney is a student at Loyola Marymount University and is pursuing a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has been interning at HOLA since January and each week works with six HOLA students. Gabrielle and Ruth both see students on an individual basis and they also co-facilitate a group for 10 high school girls. The group focuses on the social and emotional issues high school girls typically encounter, including relationships and self-identification. Chauney is focusing her time at HOLA helping students using art therapy.

We are so grateful to all three students for giving so much of their time to HOLA and our kids, and we will be very sad to say goodbye to them next month. Through our relationships with USC and LMU, we are able to provide extra support to so many more of our kids in need.


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  1. Nicole says:

    I think it fascinating all of the wonderful things that are being done with the youth, but I am disappointed that I don’t see more African American children in this program. Maybe you all do not agree that “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” I am very familiar with your program and know for a FACT that in the beginning when it was still in the “grass roots” phase you all had more volunteers who were not afraid to reach out to African American children who were and ARE underserved more than out Latino counter-parts.
    But I guess this movement goes with whatever President we have in office. Sad to say our current President, though African American in appearance could care less about the lives of Black/African Americans in this country and HOLA is just to happy to flow the same way.

    It’s actually disgusting, but to be expected because of the country we live in and the day and time of which we find ourselves and the state.
    Your organization and continue to discount the life of black children but that WILL NOT deter them from rising. We are a people who have ALWAYS thrived in adversity so this is no different.

    Albeit, very disappointing, that in the year 2014-2015 you can still only find one maybe two (if not the same black faces) on the website of an organization who claims to help those disenfranchised, the underserved population the minority. We all know that in the State of California Latinos ARE NOT the minority but they are still treated as such and still reap the benefits from what our ancestors fought so hard for us African Americans to have and we still are not able to fully take advantage.


    • HOLA says:

      Thank you for taking the time to review our website. We serve the youth living in our community and last year, 6% of the kids we served were African American.

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