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HOLA is lucky to have volunteer Gleeza Fuentes applying her passion for community involvement all across our campus. Gleeza attends Wildwood School, where she began volunteering at the elementary campus in 10th grade as part of her Community Involvement class. She was intrigued by the idea of volunteering because it offered a chance to experience something new, but later discovered that it also offered the opportunity to work in a leadership role, to develop a work ethic and to meet adult mentors. She enjoyed working with the younger students and wanted to find a volunteer experience on her own, which was when she discovered HOLA through an online search.

Gleeza first started volunteering at HOLA in the Visual Arts Department in art teacher Patricia Yossen’s Open Art Studio class. She decided on the Visual Arts program because she could mix her love for art with her love for working with kids. Then, in her junior year, she decided to take advantage of Wildwood’s policy of encouraging community involvement outside of the school, and naturally, Gleeza chose to return to HOLA. She is now providing support across all programs, doing some clerical work and some much needed data entry, and also volunteering in the SmartStart elementary program assisting the teachers and hanging with the kids. She loves getting to know them, giving advice, and answering random questions. She’s been heard to say “there’s never a dull moment with these kids.” They keep her on her toes and like to joke around with her because most of them are nearly as tall as she is!


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