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Melina Sutton and Taylor Wolfson are students at the USC Price School of Public Policy and last semester they were enrolled in “The Nonprofit Sector and the Public Interest,” a course taught by Professor Emeritus Richard Sundeen. The goal of the course is to give students hands on experience with philanthropy by giving away a total of $10,000 to up to five non-profits. The class began in 2003 and is funded by the Learning by Giving Foundation.

Taylor and Melina contacted Vero Matos, Heart of LA’s Parent and Community Resource Director, after researching local non-profits and determining that HOLA was where they wanted to concentrate their efforts. They came to HOLA to discuss the project and where HOLA might need extra support. Vero immediately brought up the Moms Book Club. The Club is open to moms of students in any of HOLA’s programs and has been up and running for nearly a year. To read more about the Club, click here. Vero explained that it is a struggle each session to cover the cost of books and snacks. Taylor and Melina jumped on the idea and put together a presentation that impressed even HOLA’s Grants Department.

The presentation impressed their classmates too. After a heated debate, the students voted to award $4,500 to 826LA, $3,000 to Community Services Unlimited and $2,500 to Heart of LA. Thanks Melina and Taylor, great job! To read more about the project and the other grantees, click here.


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