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A hearty welcome to new Bridges Middle School Program volunteer Ivana Savic. Ivana works as an assistant in the film industry and is an outdoors enthusiast and avid runner. Growing up among very independent and driven female role models, Ivana strives to find ways to help younger generations of girls to follow their passions and never stop learning. Ivana is the founder of Leading Ladies, a group of emerging female entertainment assistants and executives who want to encourage and teach young girls the importance of self confidence and creativity. The Leading Ladies are women in media, including film, TV and digital, who understand the challenges of being a woman in a world saturated with social media and illusions. The goal of the women, otherwise known as “empowerment mentors,” is to show young girls that with confidence and intelligence, any endeavor is possible.

When asked why she started Leading Ladies, Ivana responded: “I see Leading Ladies as a creative collective of girls and women aspiring to positively affect and mold the entertainment and media sector. Knowing that the typical entertainment assistant usually works long days and often 6 days a week, the opportunities to be part of organizations that give back is almost impossible. Taking this into consideration, along with the fact that women need to have a more prevalent voice in the creative community overall, I set out to start a group where young, ambitious, female entertainment professionals can invest in the future. The concept of the ‘boys club’ is a well known aspect of entertainment; I hope to help change that by making sure that in the future a ‘girls club’ gains traction and that women support women.”

On a Saturday in early December, 16 middle schools girls participated in the first ever Leading Ladies event called “Ha Ha-ing and Ho Ho-ing to the end of year.” The goal of the event was to introduce the middle school girls to ‘Leading Ladies’, as well as talk about holiday-themed movies and TV shows. A total of 20 volunteers shared experiences about their own TV and film pitches, in addition to discussing themes of famous holiday movies. After the group watched some clips, bringing the holiday spirit alive, each middle school participant paired up with a volunteer to come up with their own movie or TV pitches. Cookies, candy canes and some snowman poop brought all the groups together and the creativity started to flow. Ideas ranged from anime, to tamales and even Nicky Minaj. It was a fun experience for all participants and everyone is excited for their next visit.


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