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This past holiday season, high school senior Lauro Pilar and his younger brother George donned their Batman costumes to become Christmas superheroes and distribute food, water and blankets to the homeless men, women and children living in MacArthur Park. Lauro was inspired by YouTube star Ryan Higa’s “Christmas Ninja” video. In the video, Ryan randomly donated gifts to people on the street and encouraged his viewers to go out and do the same. Lauro initially wanted to donate sandwiches and water, but after a cold spell hit Los Angeles, he decided that blankets were also urgently needed. He explained his project to Tony Brown, who soon found a generous HOLA supporter to donate 20 blankets.

On the Sunday before Christmas, Lauro and George woke up at 4:00 am to prepare the meals, which included sandwiches, fruit and water. At 7:00, HOLA High School Director Christine Newkirk and her fiancé Paul picked up the Batman-costumed brothers and brought them to MacArthur Park. They were able to give out all of the blankets and over 40 lunches to the homeless. Lauro was surprised and overwhelmed at the number of homeless adolescents they encountered, making him realize just how grateful he is for his own family and that he has place to call home. The boys served everyone they could find, and if the intended recipient was sleeping, the brothers laid a blanket over them and left the meal at their side. The people they served were thankful for the boys’ holiday generosity.

The project was incredibly meaningful to Lauro and he was thrilled to bring his little brother along to teach him about the importance of giving back to the community. Lauro made a video about their experience as Christmas superheroes:


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  1. Teresa Lara says:

    good work, guys! I mean, superheroes!

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