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Vivian Trejo is an outstanding 12 year old YOLA at HOLA french horn player who was recently awarded a full scholarship to the prestigious Colburn School of Music! After seeing a flyer at HOLA advertising the scholarship, she entered a competition that pitted her against students from elementary through high school. Vivian, an avid humanities as well as music student, got through the essay portion and outplayed much older and more experienced students in the audition. The scholarship provides private lessons at the Colburn School until she turns 18, when she can reapply. She is extremely proud of her accomplishment, and said she could not have imagined having the opportunity to attend such a prestigious program, and for so many years.

Vivian was in the first class of students to join the YOLA at HOLA program three years ago when she was in the 4th grade. She wanted to join YOLA at HOLA because she was already a fan of classical music. Her mother often played it for her while she studied and after a trip to the LA Philharmonic in 3rd grade, she aspired to some day be a classical musician. Vivian chose the french horn because of its interesting and unusual shape and form. She excels in many subjects, and had actually been accepted into a math program for the summer, but declined because she would not have been able to attend her YOLA at HOLA classes. Her favorite thing about HOLA is getting to learn new and interesting things every day from her teachers who are always nice and willing to help. Congratulations Vivian, we cannot wait to see what’s in store for you!

The Colburn School’s mission is to provide the highest quality performing arts education at all levels of development in an optimal learning environment.


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