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Yolanda Corzo started coming to HOLA in the early ’90’s when she was in middle school. She was living in foster care, separated from her brothers, and coming to HOLA gave her a chance to spend time with them. Over the years, Yolanda has faced so many difficult challenges, but with the guidance and support of HOLA’s Founder, Mitch Moore and two incredible women, Wendy Weisenberg and Sally Spencer, she recently added her aesthetician’s license to her cosmetology license, both earned from Citrus College. Sally was one of HOLA’s first employees, spearheading the recruitment of volunteers and setting up a tutoring program. Wendy was one of HOLA’s first volunteer tutors. The bonds Yolanda developed with Wendy, Sally and Mitch quickly cemented and are stronger than ever today. Both Sally and Wendy were in attendance at her graduation, as they have been for every big step in her life, including her wedding and the birth of her son Mario five years ago.

After the loss of both of her brothers and then her mother, Yolanda was lost, but with the support and guidance of Sally, Wendy and Mitch, today Yolanda is a thriving young woman ready to take on the world. “Without HOLA, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am a mother and a homeowner and I have taken my family out of the inner-city. HOLA gave me a sense of responsibility, a strong work ethic and the ability to successfully network.” She never has HOLA far from her thoughts. She’s been seen around the halls during prom time, helping the girls with their hair and make up. Congratulations on your graduation Yolanda AND on the impending birth of your son!


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