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Kimberly left Guatamela with her sisters less than a year ago to join her mom here in Los Angeles. When she arrived, she did not know a word of English and she speaks only Spanish at home. She joined the Bridges Middle School Program in September when she also entered the 8th grade at Virgil Middle School. She was placed in all ESL classes and it soon became clear that Kimberly needed extra help.

In comes Mary, an LAUSD Adult Education teacher, who spent more than 30 years of her life in Spain. The timing could not have been more perfect. Mary lives in the neighborhood and has wanted to volunteer for a long time, but her schedule never fit with HOLA’s hours. When she became a victim of another round of layoffs, Mary found her way to HOLA. She now works with Kimberly twice each week, for a total of three hours each week. In addition to working on her homework, Kimberly and Mary also read books together. Recent accomplishments have included Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are and a Berenstain Bears novel. All the hard work has been paying off. Kimberly is no longer in any ESL classes and she is getting great grades in her new classes!


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  1. carmen says:

    le agradesco a hola por haberle dado oportunidad a mi hija kimberly de unirse a ese gran grupo y tambien a la maestra Mary por dedicarle parte de su balioso tiempo y haberse tomado la molestia de publicar un articulo que habla muy bien de mi niña.

    mi hija y yo les estamos muy agradecidos!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silvia Velazquez says:

      Es un
      placer trabajar con Kimberly. Ella es una gran estudiante y sabemos que llegara
      muy legos.

      – Silvia Velazquez 

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