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Fiona has been volunteering at HOLA since last June. She started in the Visual Arts Department and for the past several months, she has been providing indispensable support to Kristeen Singh, HOLA’s Volunteer Director. Having volunteered for many years, when she came to Los Angeles she wanted to find a place to dedicate her time and lucky for us, she decided on HOLA. Fiona loves coming to HOLA and she is wowed by the results we achieve. She is constantly amazed by the world-class opportunities HOLA is able to provide its students, opportunities they wouldn’t have if they didn’t come to HOLA. She is confident that “the flow-on effects and benefits to this community will be felt for generations.”

Fiona has really been enjoying her role as a volunteer, but her favorite moment by far was when one of the boys realized that she had an accent and asked where she was from. When she told him that she was from Australia, all the kids started telling her about everything they know about Australia, including animals and even a song!

When she isn’t busy volunteering at HOLA or going to school to get her degree in philosophy, Fiona loves to cook and ride her bicycle around Los Angeles. She strongly believes that “volunteering is an important activity which allows people to become involved and connected to their communities, and which fosters a sense of mutual understanding and respect.”


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