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Andrew, 1st Grader, Paper Violin

Andrew is one of the newest members of YOLA at HOLA, but he’s no stranger to HOLA. He is following in the footsteps of his two older sisters who have been a part of YOLA at HOLA since it began in the fall of 2010. Andrew is 5 years old and behind that big smile, he is bubbling with excitement about being at HOLA. He’s most excited to learn how to play the violin, and that’s a great thing, because over the next couple of days Andrew will make his own paper violin. He will then learn how to take care of it, learn the names of the parts of the violin and even some songs about the violin. This is all in preparation for receiving his very own violin in October.

Andrew has been really enjoying his first couple of days at HOLA. He especially likes it when :we get to play hide and seek.” When Andrew isn’t at HOLA, he loves to play Simon Says and watch the Dodgers, his favorite baseball team. Andrew loves to eat apples and in addition to his two older sisters, he has a baby sister at home.

“52 Stories” profiles HOLA students in the Youth Orchestra LA program, a partnership with the LA Phil to bring orchestral music to inner-city youth.

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