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Summer is a crucial time for our kids and with the generous support of our donors and volunteers, the summer of 2012 was filled with fun, safe and enriching programs for the youth of the Rampart community. Click on the picture below to see just a few of the highlights of another wonderful summer at HOLA.

We would like to thank all of the donors to HOLA’s 2012 Summer Camp Campaign:

Mark & Maxine Bagan
Vicki Baker
Anthony and Barbara Bettencourt
David Brauer
John & Melissa Burnstine
Edel Canavan
John Ricardo Castaneda
Donald & Joanna Claps
David Michael Cole
Jeff Danis
Kim Guanci Dylewski
Gail & Wayne Dysard
Mark & Sarah Ervin
Becca & Roy Friedland
Lauren C. Fujiu
Linda Fujiu
Laila Gordy
Raj and Nancy Gupta
Mary Louise Gurley
Kiela Hine
Barbara Jones
Russell and Morley Justman
Keiter Family Foundation
Carolyn Kiek
Jeff and Sylvia Le Sage


Adam Mekler
Steve & Lee Miller
Tino and Lynn Mingori
Rodd Perry
Marc Richards
Roll Giving & Paramount Community Giving
Betty Rose
Michael and Sonya Rosenfeld
Lynn Rosenthal
Hilda Sanchez
Jay & Linda Sandrich
George and Jolene Schlatter
Sally Spencer
Sally Stevens
Stefanie Stoyanov
Nicole & Darren Tangen
Robert D. Terry
David and Melissa Unger
Jacqueline A Villamil
Liston Witherill
Michael Witkowski
Julie Wright
Ben and Anne Youngblood
Michael and Diane Ziering

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