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It hasn’t been easy for Ivania. Growing up she has faced obstacles that others might view as insurmountable. Not only has she dealt with these issues head on, but she has dealt with them with strength, humility and courage. Now she is facing some very difficult choices, but these choices are enviable ones. Ivania will be going to the east coast for college, but where she will go is another question. Recently accepted to almost every school she applied to, she now has to decide where she will go. A lot of the decision rides on the financial aid package she is offered from her top choices. She has been offered a great package at a prestigious liberal arts college, but her first choice is Brown!

During the summer of her sophomore year, Ivania was talking to her varsity basketball coach (a former HOLA staff member) about needing some help with SAT prep. He sent her over to HOLA, but the program was full. Ivania wouldn’t take no for an answer and Joey was soon convinced that Ivania would be a welcome addition to the ROPE high school program. Everyone agrees that that was a great decision. Ivania has taken advantage of everything HOLA has to offer, from mentors to scholarship opportunities. She is eagerly awaiting news on a summer internship in Washington, DC and in the next couple of days she will find out if she will receive a four-year scholarship from the Gates Millenium Scholarship Program. In her spare time, Ivania runs marathons. She has completed six to date, four with her mom. Eventhough she will leave LA for college, when she graduates, she plans to come back to LA to help support her mom.

Since this article was first posted, Ivania has been selected as a Gates Millenium Scholar AND she will be going to Washington this summer to attend the Hispanic National Bar Foundation Law Camp and will participate in a mock trial. Congratulations Ivania, we are so thrilled for and proud of you.


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