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Sandie graduated from high school and from HOLA in 2010. She is currently in her second year at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and is working towards a degree in political science and chicana/o studies.

What is life like for you at LMU?
I am really enjoying life at college, but I have picked two very difficult majors and I have a significant amount of work to complete every night. As I get further along in both of my majors, the course work has become a lot more challenging, requiring strong analytical and critical thinking skills. Most nights I have at least four hours of reading.

How are you doing in school?
I am getting good grades, but because I had to work full time my first year, they weren’t as high as I wanted them to be. I cut back my hours a bit this year and last semester I earned a 3.94 gpa. Even though I am doing well, I still worry a lot.

What do you worry about?
I worry about how I will continue to pay for my tuition, making my parents proud, balancing my school and work schedule, and not having enough time to hang out with friends and family. I still haven’t mastered balancing my time, I always spread myself too thin and I end up overworking myself. I take up too many responsibilities, and although it is too late to give up any responsibilities this year, I will make sure I don’t sign up for too many clubs and organizations next semester to ensure that I continue getting good grades, especially because the time to start applying to law schools is just around the corner.

Aren’t you getting scholarship money from HOLA?
I am so grateful to HOLA for all of the support they have given me – financial and emotional. Unfortunately, the scholarship I am getting from HOLA will run out at the end of this year and I need to find the money to replace it. Andrea (HOLA’s Alumni Director) has helped me a lot pointing me to other possible resources to secure aid.

Good luck to you Sandie, we know we’ll be hearing about you.


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