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Sixth grader Anna Sanchez was recently elected Vice President of Camino Nuevo Charter Academy’s Middle School. She might be soft spoken, but she is determined and focused:

What made you decide to run?
We had a student council at my old school and I thought it would be really cool to be on it, but I wasn’t old enough.

What did you have to do to get elected?
I had to write a one page explanation of my plans and once I made it past that, I had to do a You Tube video and make posters. All the kids in 4th – 7th grade voted.

What kind of plans did you propose?
Free dress Fridays – we wear uniforms, so it would be great to get to wear what we want on Fridays. I also suggested that we hold fundraisers so that we can go on field trips.

You’ve raised money before?
When Bridges formed a team for the United Way HomeWalk, I raised almost $150 for our team.

That’s great, what else do you do at HOLA?
I love all of the clubs. Right now I am in the Life Sail class and it is so much fun learning about boats. I didn’t know anything about boats before and I can’t wait to see if ours floats.

Congratulations Anna!


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  1. Dinasunflower77 says:

    Special thanks to the Bridges teacher for supporting Anna!

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