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Meet Cristina, Julia and Eunice, all members of the HOLA class of 2010. Cristina and Eunice (yes, they are twins) are sophomores at Cal State University, Northridge and Julia (center), is a sophomore at Occidental College. All three students have fought incredible obstacles to get where they are today and they are each so grateful to HOLA for the support and guidance they have received. Julia is the youngest of EIGHT children and she is the first in her family to go to a four year college. She is majoring in psychology, with a minor in spanish. Cristina and Eunice grew up in the Pico Union area and dream of one day earning their medical degrees and training to be pediatricians. All three alums are recipients of scholarships from HOLA that are helping defray the costs of college.

Cristina, Julia and Eunice have remained very involved in HOLA and are inaugural members of the Alumni Association. They volunteered their time last summer helping out in HOLA’s summer camp programs and can be seen around HOLA helping out whenever there is a need. Since venturing off to college, all three women have become very involved in campus life. Cristina and Eunice are leaders of Hermanas Unidas; Cristina is the head of the Public Relations Committee and Eunice is the Community Service Chair. The mission of Humanas Unidas is to provide resources and leadership opportunities for predominately Latina, college students and alumni by participating in and organizing community service events, social activities, and academic/professional workshops. In their spare time, what little there is, Cristina and Eunice love to salsa dance and eat chinese food. They stay in shape by riding the seven miles to campus each day.

Julia is a member of MEChA/ALAS and the Sabor Club on campus. MEChA/ALAS serves as a support group in the academic, social, cultural and political realms of the Latino population. The organization seeks to develop a greater understanding of the needs and concerns of the Latino community, and thus to serve as a source of leadership for it. The Sabor Club meets every two weeks to share cooking tips and talents.

HOLA is very proud of these dedicated and compassionate young women.


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