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Debra Gentz joined HOLAʼs Board of Directors over three years ago and she has been giving of her time, resources and financial expertise ever since. In addition to her role as a member of the Investment, Advisory and PR/Marketing Committees, Debra has mentored two HOLA high school seniors through the college application process. Her first mentee, Antonio, is now a junior at Boston University. Debra found this experience to be one of the most rewarding things she has done in her life. “I think I grew up more than Antonio.” Through the process she became quite invested in Antonio and his future. Antonio had a lot of issues going on in his life and Debra found that the most important role for her was to help keep Antonioʼs spirits up and to build his confidence. They would often do work over a meal and the day that the UC application was due, Debra came to HOLA to help Antonio finish up his essay instead of celebrating her anniversary with her husband.

Debra has also been instrumental in bringing the USC and Stanford Alumni Football Associations to HOLA. Football greats came out to HOLA for a day filled with fun, tips on the game and conversations about the importance of getting a college education. The day was filled with college pomp and circumstance and made a tremendous impact on the kids.

Debra is a Vice President in the Commercial Lending Department at Bank of the West. She recently accompanied HOLA’s Executive Director and Development Director, Tony and Elizabeth, to an awards lunch, where HOLA was acknowledged and given a generous donation. In her spare time, she loves to travel and is an admitted sports fanatic (especially when it comes to her alma materʼs team – the USC Trojans).


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