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R.I.P. our beloved HOLA Volunteer Victor Baca.

Vicor Baca started volunteering for HOLA in the summer 2008 Music Program. We called him the “pied piper” of HOLA because all the kids would follow him. Victor was a role model for our kids. The kids enjoyed his company and talents. He became very attached to Jesse whom he taught each week to play the trumpet.

Victor was tragically deceased in an automobile accident on Friday, May 29, 2009 in Colton County, California. He was born in Killeen, TX on September 1, 1985. He was the only son and the second of three born to Dr. Americo Baca and Lourdes Baca.

Victor was very talented and he enjoyed serving God with his music talents. His musical career started while attending high school at Valley Grande Academy in Weslaco, TX. He then attended and graduated from Southwestern Adventist University with a B.A. in Music and a minor in Theology in May 2008. His love for music took him to California where he earned a Masters in Music Education from USC on May 15, 2009.

Victor’s musical emphasis and specialty was the trumpet, although his musical talents included guitar, piano all wind and wooden instruments. Along with his Vocal Talent, his kind heart and selfless giving character, Victor’s ministry touched and influenced many lives along the way.

Victor is survived by his parents and older sister Barbara L. Baca, and younger sister Adriana E. Baca from Pharr, TX.

Victor will be dearly missed by HOLA kids and staff.

Victor’s video: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31810320@N05/3581785756

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  1. Lourdes Baca says:

    Thank you very much for allowing my son to work at your program back in 2008, he told me that in the summer of 2009 he was planning to be there as a volunteer again,…. but God had other plans for him. Thank you very much for your comment about him being a “role model to your kids”, its nice to know that he left such a fine impression on your students, and I can humbly tell you that he was really like that, as per his friends testimonials at his funeral. Thank you again, ….. but I do have a respectful request, please don’t ever forget him, and if you happen to have a picture of him with his kids will you plase put it up on the wall, so his students can see him and remember him, and what he tought them, especially Jesse, will you do that please?. Thank you again, may the Lord continue to Bless everyone in your program and your program as well. Respectfully Mrs. Baca, Victor’s mom.

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